At JAKE ARIDA Films, we capture the heart and soul of your wedding day. And we present it in a most special way – a motion picture story of the magical unseen and the unspoken emotions of the single most extraordinary day in your life. We make your wedding day come back to life – over and over again. We can customize your wedding package.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wendy and Edward - Wedding Highlights


  1. Hi Jake,
    Dini Kipling commented on your link.
    Dini wrote: "You ARE the best, Jake...the BEST! In tears the first minute into ROCK! I know I said this before...I LOVE this couple....."

  2. Jake,

    Rod's wife here: just want to say "WOW"...that is really beautiful. I love your work. Congrats on the quick turnaround and a great product!


  3. Hi Jake,
    Gammy Parazo commented on your link.
    Gammy wrote: "ang galing ng time lapse!"

  4. Hi Jake,
    Wally Arida commented on your link.
    Wally wrote: "Great job, brother!"

  5. Hi Jake,
    Margaret Meghan Arcilla-Marquez commented on your link.
    Margaret wrote: "Galing Jake."

  6. Hi Jake,
    Octave Cantos commented on your link.
    Octave wrote: "You are the BEST of the BEST cousin Jake! Don't forgot what I told you when you went to Manila! Cheers!"

  7. Hi Jake

    Thank you for making your way to the office and to meet me. Your enthusiasm is very appreciated and I know you’re going to have an awesome time with great results at the show as Sherri, the show manager, and I just watched Wendy’s Wedding Video! All I can say is did you make us cry watching 2 strangers on their special day! I’m not kidding, we teared up through the whole video, it was amazing how you captured their emotions on the screen, it was so real!


    Jackie Coley
    Exhibitor Coordinator
    Showtime Productions Inc.

  8. Wendy (Phaneuf) SikoraOctober 21, 2011 at 8:24 AM

    Jake - what an awesome job you did on both this and our prenuptual video. Ed and I CAN NOT wait to see the full video! Also, it was just a complete pleasure to work with you on that day - totally professional and exceeded our expectations. Thanks for capturing our day for us - we now have a treasured keepsake.

  9. Hi Jake, I just saw the video and you did an amazing job. It was a pleasure working with you, maybe we can have you do a promo video for the studio this winter.

    Have a great day.

    Rodney S Braun
    Eve Studios